Our Team

  • Owner

    Steve Charland
    Steve Charland 450-377-8396 Ext. 410 450-370-7988 Send an Email
    Claude Ethier
    Claude Ethier

    Accounting department

    Kristina Chouinard
    Kristina Chouinard 450-377-8396 Ext. 445 Send an Email


    Elizabeth Legault
    Elizabeth Legault Receptionist 450-377-8396 Ext. 300 Send an Email


    Stéphane Fontaine
    Stéphane Fontaine 450-322-2222 Ext. 311 Send an Email
    Mélanie Ménard
    Mélanie Ménard Sales manager 450-377-8396 Ext. 420 450-601-5563 Send an Email
    Sébastien Roy
    Sébastien Roy sales representative 450-377-8396 Ext. 430 Send an Email
    Dean Nevins
    Dean Nevins 450-377-8396 Ext. 480 Send an Email
    Isabelle Joanisse
    Isabelle Joanisse 450-322-2222 Ext. 314 Send an Email
    Stéphanie Locas
    Stéphanie Locas 450-377-8396 Ext. 440 Send an Email
    Maryse Caron
    Maryse Caron sales 450-377-8396 Ext. 425 Send an Email
    Nicolas Prevost
    Nicolas Prevost 450-322-2222 Ext. 312 Send an Email
    Denis Beriault
    Denis Beriault 450-377-8396 Ext. 475 Send an Email


    Eric Ouimet
    Eric Ouimet Service Adviser 450-377-8396 Ext. 435 Send an Email
    Eric Calvé
    Eric Calvé 450-377-8396 Ext. 470 Send an Email
    Shawn French
    Shawn French parts & service 450-377-8396 Send an Email
    Guillaume Bastien
    Guillaume Bastien 450-377-8396
    Philippe Clément
    Philippe Clément 450-377-8396
    Rock Husreault
    Rock Husreault 450-322-2222 Ext. 321 Send an Email
    Jeffrey Mccuaig
    Jeffrey Mccuaig Technician 450-322-2222
    Bruno Grenier
    Bruno Grenier (450)322-2222


    Marie-Noel Daoust
    Marie-Noel Daoust 450-377-8396 Ext. 460 Send an Email

    Zone Régate

    Marco Husreault
    Marco Husreault 450-322-3333 Ext. 322
    Katy Genesse
    Katy Genesse (450)322-3333

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