Our Team

  • Owner

    Steve Charland
    Steve Charland 450-377-8396 Ext. 410 450-370-7988 Send an Email
    Claude Ethier
    Claude Ethier

    Accounting department

    Kristina Chouinard
    Kristina Chouinard 450-377-8396 Ext. 445 Send an Email


    Elizabeth Legault
    Elizabeth Legault Receptionist 450-377-8396 Ext. 300 Send an Email


    Stéphane Fontaine
    Stéphane Fontaine 450-322-2222 Ext. 311 Send an Email
    Mélanie Ménard
    Mélanie Ménard Sales manager 450-377-8396 Ext. 420 450-601-5563 Send an Email
    Sébastien Roy
    Sébastien Roy sales representative 450-377-8396 Ext. 430 Send an Email
    Dean Nevins
    Dean Nevins 450-377-8396 Ext. 480 Send an Email
    Isabelle Joanisse
    Isabelle Joanisse 450-322-2222 Ext. 314 Send an Email
    Stéphanie Locas
    Stéphanie Locas 450-377-8396 Ext. 440 Send an Email
    Maryse Caron
    Maryse Caron sales 450-377-8396 Ext. 425 Send an Email
    Vincent Alarie
    Vincent Alarie 450-322-2222 Ext. 313 Send an Email
    Denis Beriault
    Denis Beriault 450-377-8396 Ext. 475 Send an Email


    Eric Ouimet
    Eric Ouimet Service Adviser 450-377-8396 Ext. 435 Send an Email
    Eric Calvé
    Eric Calvé 450-377-8396 Ext. 470 Send an Email
    Shawn French
    Shawn French parts & service 450-377-8396 Send an Email
    Guillaume Bastien
    Guillaume Bastien 450-377-8396
    Philippe Clément
    Philippe Clément 450-377-8396
    Rock Husreault
    Rock Husreault 450-322-2222 Ext. 321
    Jeffrey Mccuaig
    Jeffrey Mccuaig Technician/ Huntingdon 450-322-2222


    Marie-Noel Daoust
    Marie-Noel Daoust 450-377-8396 Ext. 460 Send an Email

    Zone Régate

    Marco Husreault
    Marco Husreault 450-322-3333 Ext. 322

At Kia Valleyfield, we pride ourselves on making it worth your trip from wherever you are to have all your automotive needs taken care of, with professionalism and a smile.

So whether you're looking for a new vehicle, in search of a quality used car, truck or SUV, or in need of expert automotive service, we invite you to contact us online or by telephone at 1-877-577-8396, or come down and see us at our convenient local store.